Severn Trent

In mid-2005 Media Fusion Technologies was very proud to include Severn Trent Services (STS), a leader in water and wastewater technology / operations and analytical services, among the ranks of MFT customers.
Severn Trent Content Management System

Content Management System

Since our partnership years ago, MFT has provided STS with a CMS (Content Management System) controlled website presence, a world-wide Intranet serving their 25,000+ employees, various extranets for global offices, and much more.

Press Releases

News & Press Releases

We have given Severn Trent the ability to create and manage press releases at their own discretion

The interactive map which shows the pins of all of their locations is powered by Microsoft Bing, although if you prefer maps by Google, we would be happy to do that also!

To date, MFT and STS continue to thrive on a partnership based on trust and commitment to one-another. This type of loyalty is the foundation on which MFT thrives. Our obligation to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction and mutual dedication has become the cornerstone of MFT's customer relationships.

Severn Trent
A multi-billion dollar international municipal water solutions and management company.

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Marketing Specialist


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